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Product Review: MAX Extreme Shell for Macbook


Those who own laptops know that you are carrying an expensive investment. Considering the price of the laptop, software, and insurance, many laptops can be worth well over $1,000. Therefore, it is imperative to protect one’s investment with a case.

Many cases are designed for purely aesthetic purposes—it makes the laptop look good, but it offers little to no protection. Others do an excellent job protecting the laptop but add unnecessary bulkiness, and—let’s be frank—they don’t often look that attractive.

This is where MAX Cases’ Extreme Shell comes into play. Albeit a lesser-known company, MAX specializes in creating cases for educational and business settings. In other words, these cases are designed to survive in high-impact areas. The MAX Extreme Shell, offered for Mac and Windows laptops alike (here we will review the Macbook case), is a lightweight yet durable laptop case. It protects against impacts, scratches, and other wear and tear. I have owned this case for around a year, and I love it!


  • 2 pieces
  • 11.25” x 8” x 0.5”
  • 0.6 lbs.
  • Fits 12” Macbooks (other sizes and models available)
  • Lightweight plastic with shock-absorbent TPU bumpers

The case is not noticeable when using the laptop; however, it adds a bumper "buffer" to prevent unnecessary bumps and encroaches.


  • It actually works. This case exceeds military drop standards. I have dropped my laptop from a small distance, and it survived the impact!
  • The case is lightweight and, while the weight is initially noticeable, it is still less than most protective cases.
  • The bumpers are useful when putting your laptop on an unfamiliar surface, and pop-up feet allow typing at ergonomic angles.
  • It sports an attractive black/grey design. In my first few weeks of using this case, many people complimented me on the case and asked me where I got it! It is surely a unique and sharp design.
  • At $59.95, the case is a good value, comparable to a Speck laptop case, while offering comparable if not better protection.

The case is slick and allows you to see the Apple logo, while leaving room for stickers (if that's what you're into).


  • On my case, the slot for the headphone was misaligned. I am still able to access my headphone port, and this may be an issue resolved in later models.
  • While the plastic may be resistant to scratches, the rubber bumpers are not. This, however, is barely noticeable in my year of owning the case.
  • The case is difficult to put on and take off, with its tabs often struggling to fit. It takes patience and determination—but it is certainly possible, and worth it!


Here are my overall ratings for this product (on a five-star scale):
  • Functionality: ★★★★★
  • Design: ★★★★☆
  • Value: ★★★★☆

The MAX Extreme Shell does not compromise neither style nor functionality and offers military-grade protection at a price fit for consumers. I highly recommend this case for college students, busy professionals, digital artists, and other persons looking to protect their expensive laptop with a valuable case.

Buy it today!


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