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Review: NIV Maxwell Leadership Bible (3rd ed.)

Thomas Nelson, 2019.
Now in its third edition, The NIV Maxwell Leadership Bible (Thomas Nelson, 2019) continues the legacy of respected leadership expert John Maxwell. For Maxwell, every Christian has influence to lead others. Thus, it is imperative to study the Bible in order to determine biblical principles for leadership. This study Bible offers general study notes, along with articles, breakout sections, excerpts from Maxwell's work, biographies, and notes on mentoring and leadership influence.

This newly updated edition uses the NIV translation in the ComfortPrint typeface, making it incredibly legible, even at a smaller text size (10 pt). The layout is two-column and lays flat, which is important, given the larger size of this Bible. Apart from Maxwell's occasional notes and leadership profiles, there is little salient exegetical information. For that reason, this Bible would serve as an excellent devotional aid but should not be considered as an academic study resource. To be sure, Maxwell speaks with authenticity and experience, synthesizing centuries of leadership theory and making it intelligible for modern faith leaders. It would serve pastors, seminarians, lay leaders, and any person involved in spiritual leadership (mentors, Christian business leaders, etc.) well.

(A complimentary review copy was given in exchange for an honest review.)


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